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21 February 2010 @ 09:35 pm
KJ's Adventures in the Public!  
Today, I went to the Symphony at UAF with my mother, and her friend Deb. I got all dressed up - pretty black dress with splatters of brown and white all over it, with this adorable little black jacket that was so PRETTY, and I opted for my brown flats instead of my heels, because I would have ended up being 5'10 in my heels (yay me for being a considerate tall person.)
A cellist by the name of Zuill Bailey was playing as a guest soloist tonight, and I was very excited to get the chance to hear him - he's actually quite famous, and I was just...excited.
Maybe because he looks like Antonio Banderas

The lights dimmed. The UAF orchestra started performing. It was beautiful. And then - then they stopped, we applauded, the lights dimmed again, and out strides this beautiful man with this amazing, longish black hair and eyes that say "Come hither". 

He was amazing. SO much talent, and skill, and you could completely see how much he loves his music, because he's one of those musicians who just throw themselves into their playing - he brushed his hair back, he flung his head back, exposing this gorgeous throat, and all the while, I was staring at him like this: >:)

Just a little creepy.

He DID smile at me - I wasn't intentionally trying to make eye contact, but once I did, I COULD NOT LOOK AWAY. He just sorta smiled and kept playing, obviously used to this kind of thing...and he is married, so I wasn't trying to do anything! He's just too damn pretty!!

And then I gave him 20 bucks for an autographed CD. I was waiting in line, shoved him my CD, and stuttered out that, "That was beautiful." all the while feeling as if my heart was going to freaking jump out of my chest. And my hands were shaking. Yeah. MY HANDS WERE SHAKING. He smiled at me (nervously. I think I was scaring him. Oh god...*facepalm*) And signed my Cd case, and then I left.

Anyways :) The CD is completely worth the $20! I love classical music, especially piano, cello, and violin, so I'm happy with it XD 

*tries to insert picture of autographed CD*

Well, I'll figure out how to get the damn picture up here sooner or later...

On a more morose note, I didn't do ANY homework this weekend...I forgot my Astrobiology notebook either in my locker, or it's still under my desk in the classroom *groans*. I didn't do my math...mostly because I'm so horrible at math, I just depress myself by trying to do it and then failing, so I have my math-buddy Keighan help me with it (i.e. let me copy all his answers...I feel so guilty! I need to stop being so lazy!) So tomorrow, I hope this doesn't come to bite me in my bum. I think I have all my English homework done, so *whew*

Stress. Urgh. And a week before Senior Ball, which I am approaching with mixed feelings. Friends=good, dancing=good, being in school on a Saturday night=bad because I already hate school, why are they forcing me to spend the one night I don't want to be there in the gym, doing the windmill in heels that I can't walk in?
No use bitching about it! Must have fun time! My two friends Sara and Fiona will be crashing at my house for a sleepover that night, so perhaps some major chick-flick movies shall be played :) Or action movies, as we are all pretty much very de-sensitized. My Bloody Valentine, anyone? Or perhaps Chronicles of Riddick?

Off to bed, m'loves. It's 10:05 pm right now, and I have to get up at 6:12 in the morning tomorrow...I know, I do have very random times to get up! But I find that one more minute of sleep is better than being awake for that one minute. *grins*