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21 February 2010 @ 02:17 am
It's Sunday morning (2:09) here in freezing cold Alaska, and I'm hopped up on sugar and energy drinks...as well as some awesome J2 fic, thanks to all the FANTASTIC writers out there (yes, you know who you are! Evil people, making me stay up all night, reading your crack!fic *giggle*)
I keep saying that I'm going to post a story here soon, but honestly I need more time to just figure out what the hell I'm getting myself into. Is there a way I can write in Microsoft Word, and then transfer it to my journal? Any answers to this, leave in my inbox or in the comments below *points* Thanks!!! I can't copy and paste anything *grr* and I prefer writing in Word than in anything else...would like to have a copy just in case!

I'm going through a Supernatural detox :( The newest episode doesn't air until March 25, and I'm almost literally DYING to see it. OH! Also, don't forget! Jared Padalecki's marriage to Genevieve Cortese is coming up quickly! I do believe it's occuring...*checks calendar*...Feb. 27? So six more days, here in Alaska. Even though I miss Sandy, I'll tip my hat to Cortese. She did get Jared's body...but Jensen has his heart <3 (YES. YES, I DID JUST GO THERE.)
I'm thinking about sending a box of candy to Jared for a wedding present *grins* Man loves his candy!
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